Proper Carpet “Deep Cleaning” – Scam or are you getting what you paid for?

Whenever a customer requests deep cleaning of their carpet we assume the obvious, that they want the fibers cleaned thoroughly down to the bottom of the carpet or the primary backing to be a bit technical. To accomplish this you must consider the carpet’s weave, style and density.

Assuming this level of cleaning can be achieved by a basic carpet wand in all situations is naïve, and any carpet cleaning “professional” should know this. No human can come close to the action generated by a rotational jet extractor, let alone do this effectively all day long on Berbers or dense tufted carpets!

Deep Cleaning can be achieved on any carpet style by truck mounted (high powered portable is acceptable) steam cleaning using a rotating sprayer/extractor floor machine (only). What we use for this type of cleaning is pictured:

 Deep Cleaning

The five vacuum heads and three spray jets rotate at 130 RPM creating 650 complete cleaning passes per minute.

The rotational motion in combination with the added spraying/extraction pulls everything from the base of the carpet and cleans the fiber thoroughly. Deep Cleaning, in this manner, minimizes spots reappearing due to wicking.

To achieve this level of clean with a basic carpet wand is ridiculous, it defies basic physics! Rotational force is demonstrated in Nature with tornadoes (suction). Vacuum cleaners incorporate this design (force). A proper (rotating) floor machine easily surpasses what any human can do (back and forth) with the traditional carpet wand. So be sure you get this type of floor machine (several models available) working for you when you request deep cleaning.


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