Facility Management: Technology Changes Commercial Carpet Cleaning for Improved Net Income

Commercial Grade Carpeting remains the preferred floor covering found in most businesses today. Commercial carpets look beautiful in the work setting, but also benefit with fantastic durability and permanent resistance to stains, bleach, and UV (sunlight).

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The greatest benefit of commercial carpet is its ease of cleaning. This leads to lower costs per square foot allowing business to budget for scheduled maintenance cleanings. Proper maintenance results in extending the life of the carpet as well as creating a healthy environment, which in turn creates greater profits for the business.  Successful businesses understand this and demonstrate the significance and importance of this by employing facility managers responsible to take care of the work environment so employees stay healthy and productive.

With this in mind, cleaning technology has changed to better address commercial carpet cleaning. Encapsulation cleaning solution used in conjunction with an oscillating pad/buffer (OP) will give a longer lasting clean, without residue, and minimum moisture used, creating the healthy environment.

Encapsulation is a two-fold cleaning attack. After the detergents have done their work (separating soils from fibers  or emulsification ) the crystallizing polymers within the detergent surround or encapsulate the soils on the carpet making them suspended and ready to be cleaned away. Most of the dirt and solution is absorbed through the OP process, however after we leave, every time the carpet is vacuumed, it gets cleaner because more soils encapsulated inside the crystal polymers are vacuumed away. No residues. Your carpets stay cleaner longer, saving you money!

 In addition, encapsulation is a very low moisture process and uses 90-95% less water than typical steam cleaning, so surfaces dry FAST (1 hour).That means you minimize the interruption to the business operations so you can get back to a productive workplace quickly, generating revenue. Furthermore, low moisture means that the carpet backing stays dry, so there is never a potential for mildew or mold reducing the chance of sick building syndrome (SBS) and employee sick days.

In conclusion, this Encap/OP method for commercial carpet cleaning helps create a cleaner work environment than traditional steam cleaning, provides on-going maintenance at a lower cost, helps build employee morale, and ultimately adds to your bottom line as well as a professional image to your business!

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