Just Had the Carpet Cleaned and Now There’s Ripples

The carpet has been cleaned and looks beautiful.  But a short time later you start to see bumps, bubbles or ripples appearing.


Ripples in Carpet 

If this has happened to you it can be frightening.  You wonder what has the cleaner done to the carpet?


There is no need to panic or get stressed out.  The carpet will be just fine.  Within 24 hours your carpet will be back, as it was.


The technician can’t always tell which carpets this will occur in. However, carpet that is loose and already buckling due to age (needs re-stretching); will lend itself to further rippling from cleaning.


What is going on?…There are 3 layers to a carpets backing; the middle one is latex.  It absorbs moisture after cleaning (all methods) and it expands, forcing the carpet to buckle up.  As soon as the moisture has evaporated, the latex contracts and the buckles disappear. 


Don’t confuse this cleaning phenomena with carpet ripples or buckles due to natural wear or ageing. Years after the initial installation, carpet can actually loosen and buckle. This problem occurs more readily if the carpet was not stretched properly or you tend to drag very heavy items across the carpet. In either case, the carpet needs to be re-stretched.

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