Holiday Parties… Spot Cleaning the Carpet Made Easy

Go to and purchase one of two products. Either the basic carpet spot cleaner Folex™ or the Chem Dry spotter named Stain Extinguisher™. Both these products work well and without damage to any carpet.

 Holiday Party...Spot Cleaning on Carpets

 A few tips regarding spot cleaning:

1. Many products can cause color loss in carpets, essentially high pH of the cleaning solution will strip away any protection on your carpet as well as leave a “bleached-out” spot.

2. Remove any excess spill by blotting up the mess, do not rub.

3. Do not scrub your cleaner after it is applied to the spot. Agitation of the solution is important to the cleaning process but, do it safely by rubbing the bottom of the solution container on and around the spot. Take 15-30 seconds to do this and wait another 15-30 seconds for the solution to continue to work (total of 30-60 second dwell time). Then just blot away.

4. Heat will also help the cleaning process. Get out your clothing iron and a small towel. Moisten the towel and wring it out so that it doesn’t drip. After the application and agitation as explained above, place the moist, folded towel on the spot and place the hot iron on it so it doesn’t touch the carpet or spot. Let this sit on the towel about 30 seconds, heating up the cleaning solution, so it is more effective. The spot should just wick into the towel.

5. You may have a stubborn spot that requires you to repeat, steps 3+4. Otherwise you may have a stain, like a red wine spill. Review my article on that.

6. You may have a sticky spill, remember ‘like de-solves like’, so apply a gum and tar remover (solvent) on the spot first. Let it sit (dwell) for 30-60+ seconds until the stickiness is free from the carpet and then clean the spot as well as the solvent as described above. Repeat and increase dwell times as needed.

7. Chem Dry Stain Extinguisher™ is residue free and no rinsing is required as it is used, just let it dry. Encapsulation spotters (new technology, look for it) have this same convenience factor, just let it dry. Every other cleaning solution will leave a residue and rinsing is required after their use (including Folex™). Blotting with a water moistened towel several times (5-10x) should be sufficient. Remember you’ve got to rinse out your towel after each blot!

8. If you have a large spotty mess, beyond anything you can spot clean, get proper professional help and require Deep Cleaning.

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