Homeowners Can Effectively Remove Urine Odors and Stains

 Stop wasting your time, money, or energy on any pet urine “remedy” that utilizes: bleach, vinegar, baking soda, ammonia, etc. They simply do not work!

Pet Urine Removal

There are only two methods (solutions), I’ve found that effectively remove urine odors:  

  1. Enzyme based solutions, which can be purchased from most local pet stores and are available to every homeowner. However, make sure to identify what type of rug or carpet you’re dealing with. If the stain occurred on any natural carpet fibers (i.e. wools or silks) DO NOT try a DIY method, your efforts may ruin the natural fibers if not done correctly.
  2. Oxidation Reaction solutions. Chemical reactions which should ONLY be used by carpet cleaning professionals because of the potential damage to carpet dyes (i.e. color bleeding or color loss).

If you feel confident that it’s a problem you can take care of on your own, keep in mind the enzyme based products cause ammonia off-gas, an unpleasant odor in direct proportion to the level of severity of the problem. In addition, the stain may not be removed and additional steps will be needed. 

A common error I find with homeowners is not applying enough solution to the area. When applying an over the counter enzyme based product, it should be applied liberally in a “pouring” fashion. Only if the deposit is known to be very light should your application be a “light” pour. However, most deposits are at least several ounces and pets tend to re-deposit another few ounces several times in the same area. Therefore in most cases, spots should be considered moderate unless obviously much more severe.  

Working with moderate to severe deposits will require much more solution and the ammonia off gassing will be noticeably worse.  Add in the possible flooring damage and health hazards that will result by leaving this solution for the required 24-48 hours as it works and your effort becomes more harmful than good.

In conclusion, it is best to have an enzyme based product on-hand to address any small problem and many moderate to severe deposits should be dealt with by a local professional.

Personally I find that in any pet stain/odor problem, no matter the severity, the oxidation reaction method works best. It works in 20-30 minutes total, and targets both the odor and stain. The power from our truck mount unit gives us the necessary extraction of moisture from the carpet and carpet padding underneath.

Most of the time this treatment is very convenient for the homeowner, it can be easily performed just before any basic or deep carpet cleaning. Only if the problem is severe will restoration and repair work be necessary. This results in a several day project involving pad removal/replacement, flooring sealing, and re-installation.

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