Safe, Effective, and Efficient, Tile and Grout Cleaning

The usual Tile and Grout cleaning today is via a rotational spray wand (spinner) used at high pressure after a brief soaking period (dwell time) of cleaning solution. This can be damaging and ineffective because of two main reasons:

HydroForce SX-15 Spinner/Extractor for Tile and Grout Cleaning

  1. The cleaning solution should be alkaline (pH >7). Acidic (pH <7) is often used to remove the difficult dirt and greasy spots in your grout. An effective, but damaging practice employed by many so called “professionals”. The acidic solution will remove most of the troubling spots, however, it will react with the calcium carbonate in your grout, removing and weakening your grout.
  2. The ‘spinner’, or even worse, a straight spray wand, is set at a very high pressure (+/- 1000 PSI) in order to create greater agitation on the multi-level hard surface. This high pressure is felt necessary, but it is causing further erosion of your grout. It may literally ‘blow away’ grout, creating noticeable eyesores; pits and missing pieces.

All cleaning systems can be organized into 5 functional elements: chemical, dwell time, agitation, heat, extraction. Safe, effective, and efficient, tile and grout cleaning can be accomplished by using just alkaline solutions along with greater dwell time and agitation. The key is greater agitation, or scrubbing, an unpleasant chore, leading most companies to the damaging methods listed above.

A few years ago, technology came to the rescue and applied the oscillation motion to the floor buffer, potentially giving a BIG increase in agitation for many cleaning systems. Applying an oscillating buffer on hard floors (T&G) after spraying the alkaline cleaning solution creates the advantages you want. Floors are extremely well scrubbed (at a proper pH), while giving more dwell time to the alkaline solution so it is effective.

HOS SprayBorg Oscillating Buffer for Tile and Grout Cleaning


The pressures used for the 'spinner' can be reduced to a safe 400-500 PSI.  So the rinsing and extraction (not "scrubbing") is accomplished using a ‘spinner’ (pictured above) at a high temperature without any risk of damage to your tile and grout.

Today the professional can employ a safe, effective and efficient, tile and grout cleaning system in your home. Simply ask what process they use.

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