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Your experience begins with a phone call, were we estimate your job based on the details you provide and our price schedule. Carpet cleaning prices are based on a per room charge or measured by square footage depending on the size of your particular job. The actual cost of your job will be written as a work order by the on-site technician (described below) and reflect any size and severity discrepancies from our phone estimate. However, this phone estimate should provide you a good "ballpark" to budget.

Before we arrive for carpet cleaning, our field technician will give a courtesy call 20-30 minutes before we show up to ensure you are ready. When we arrive, we begin by saying hello at the door, introducing ourselves and proceed by asking you to take us on a walk-through of your home. This is the time where you can point out to the technician any difficult or problem areas that concern you. Likewise, our technicians will point out any other problems we might encounter, so we both have proper expectations for your carpet cleaning.

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After our carpet cleaning walk-through, the technician will have assessed the areas in which you want carpet cleaning done and offer you 1 of our 3 packages based on your jobs need.  The technician then completes a work order for your approval. If you do not approve, the carpet cleaning is not done and no payment is requested. On approved work orders, carpet cleaning is completed at that time and payment is due on completion of services.

Our 3 carpet cleaning packages include: Light (traditional wand), Deep (Rotary and wand), and Healthy Home (Full Service)  carpet cleanings. An excellent protectant (stain guard) can be applied to any carpet cleaning. We warranty this service and give you an extremely effective spotter to ensure your carpets stay clean between professional carpet cleanings.

If maintaining a beautiful carpet is a priority for you, we offer a Stay Beautiful Program which entails scheduled carpet cleanings every six months at discounted pricing.

Once the actual carpet cleaning process begins, here’s what you can expect:

  1. Our first priority is to ensure we don’t cause any damage to your home.
    1. Corner Guards will be set up to prevent hoses from damaging edges.
    2. A door brace is set on the front door for your security as well as the doors stability.
    3. Drop clothes will be laid down on uncarpeted areas so no water damage or scratches can occur to your wood floors, tile, or linoleum.
  2. We pre treat the area to be carpet cleaned with a 100% bio-based, truly "GREEN" carpet and upholstery pre-spray and deodorizer.
  3. Next we use our powerful truck mount equipment to blast away dirt and stains.
  4. All dirt, debris, and excess moisture is extracted from your carpet.
  5. Your carpets will be left residue free, with a professionally groomed look, and will be completely dry in 4-6 hours.

During our carpet cleaning feel free to ask about our methods and procedures, because you'll be impressed! However, we always stress that the Technician must take the time to do it right.

We finish by getting your approval of the job with a final walk-through and giving out coverings for your feet so you do not have to walk on damp carpet for the first few hours.

We place existing customers in our database so reminders can be mailed.

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Fully Insured & Licensed IICRC Certified Firm & Techs

Fully Insured & Licensed IICRC Certified Firm & Techs

Certified Eco-Friendly Cleaning Agents

Certified Eco-Friendly Cleaning Agents

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