Low Moisture Cleaning (LMC)

Looking for that touch-up clean that revives your carpet and delivers that ‘pop’? Our low moisture cleaning (LMC) system gives excellent results with dry times between 1-2 hours!Low Moisure Cleaning using spray, bonnet & buff.

What is LMC?

It’s exactly as stated; cleaning, using a low amount of moisture with no rinsing involved. So, the agent you use to do the cleaning must be residue free or your carpets will get dirty in a hurry!

Why consider LMC?

In a word, convenience, your carpets will be dry in 1-2 hours. Mainly because our carbonated method uses only a tiny fraction (5-10%) of the water compared to Hot Water Extraction (HWE) or steam cleaning. However, this small amount of moisture limits the effectiveness of LMC in a dirty situation.

When should LMC be considered?    

LMC should be used in both residential or commercial settings:Low Moisture Cleaning using spray, bonnet & buff.

    1. Residential carpets come in a wide variety of fiber type, pile length, and density. As such, with average dirt, results vary. Because of this, consistently good results can only be achieved using LMC on lightly soiled carpets. Situations that either requires maintenance cleaning or that touch-up clean.  However, if proper protection is re-applied on an annual basis, most any spot or spill will cleanup well.
    2. Commercial carpets are usually glue-down installations. These carpets have a low weave density plus a short pile, allowing for a  better, more effective Very Low Moisture Cleaning (VLMC) system. You’ll be thrilled with the results and your carpets will be dry in just an hour!

What is the LMC system used by Advanced Cleaning Systems?

We use a totally natural (green), safe and non-toxic carbonated cleaning solution. This cleaning solution releases millions of tiny effervescing bubbles that penetrate the carpet fibers and lift soil and stains to the surface for extraction.

Dirt and excess solution is removed (extracted) by absorbing into a soft bonnet which is rotated under a heavy floor machine. The weight is necessary in order to achieve pressure differences which burst the bubbles resulting in the dirt/stains exploding from the carpet fibers.

The best part is that this method introduces no surfactant or soap that can leave a residue. Carbonation is the cleaning agent. The solution that remains in the fiber evaporates away and nothing is left in your carpet.

Your carpets stay cleaner longer and the results are simply amazing!

Compare LMC vs. HWE:

Some moisture must always be introduced to get a proper clean.  The level of that moisture depends on the condition of the carpets to be cleaned.  The thinking behind LMC is why should every customer have the inconvenience of 4-6+ hours of drying when their place is well maintained and basically clean. Both methods are completely valid and give superior results under the right circumstance, i.e. level of dirt.

Our powerful truck mount along with the hot water extraction (HWE) method is best for restorative deep cleaning situations. The dirtier your carpets are, the more you should lean towards the HWE/Deep cleaning method.

A tremendous amount of hot water is used to clean/rinse your carpets while powerful vacuum extraction is used to remove all of the dirt/cleaning solution and 90% of the water. What is left throughout an average house is about 5 gallons of water held by soft and clean carpet fibers which will take 4-6 hours to dry.

Another necessary use of HWE/Deep Cleaning is when you’re dealing with a carpet whose maintenance record is not known. A good example is when you move into a place with carpet, we recommend HWE/Deep Cleaning to eliminate any doubt of a thorough clean and get a fresh start.


To conclude, keep in mind more moisture and agitation is required when dirtier carpets are to be cleaned. The method employed is just a tool, and your technician is trained to use the proper tool for every situation in order to obtain your satisfaction.

Remember, our goal is your total satisfaction. We see both systems as viable tools we can utilize to achieve this goal.   As was stated on our home page, 60% of the cleaning results depend on the operator, their knowledge of the systems used and their experience using it.

Our LMC system delivers the cleaning power you desire with the added convenience factor of fast dry times. Try it and you will be impressed!

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